Los 10 mejores destinos de buceo en verano (parte II)

We continue with the second part of the article about the best diving destinations of the summer with another 5 world-class diving destinations. The first part of the article? Sure, sorry, throught this link you can find it.


6. Ribbon Reef, Great Barrier Reef (Australia)

The Great Barrier Reef of Australia is one of those destinations that are always in the mind of any diver but as is very remote for the most part of divers (and nothing cheap) we tend to delay the day we dive there. This coral system, vital for the health of the world's oceans, is undoubtedly one of the places with the greatest biodiversity and where spectacular pelagic species gather throughout the year. In the area of Cairns we find Ribbon Reef, the most virgin and lonely reef of the Great Barrier, where during summer we can find a very special visitor: the curious minke whales that during June and July can be spotted there in their annual migration. You can also dive with the famous giant potato potato groupers (Epinephelus tukula), sharks, sea turtles...         



Diving the Ribbon Reefs on Australia's Great Barrier Reef from Undersea Productions


We have already said that it is not a cheap trip, but not that expensive neither for less than € 1,600 you can have 5 days of diving in the Great Barrier Reef with 14 dives and liveaboards from just 1,100 €.



7. Guadalupe (Mexico)

If one of your dreams is to meet face to face with great white sharks, Guadalupe is your destination and summer your time of the year. Only from June to October you can take part in these special expeditions in the Mexican Pacific, focused on submerging yourself in a cage 15 meters deep and seeing different white sharks approach and play with your cage. An experience more than exciting only suitable for the true lovers of this beautiful predator.


GUADALUPE from Erick Higuera


The only way to dive with white sharks in Guadalupe is trought liveaboards from about 2,000 € per person and we recommend to book your spot with at least 5 months in advance.



8. Sipadan (Malasia)

Sipadan, an island of Malaysia located in the Sea of Celebes, is a place with the perfect mix of macro and pelagic diving where you can dive all year round but precisely during the months of July and August the conditions are much better. It is an easy diving area, very suitable for beginners, with perfect surface conditions, without waves or currents in the bottom and where you can find extraordinary visibility, up to 40 meters in many areas.


During the summer you will dive with lots of green and hawksbill turtles and you will find huge schools of horse mackerel and other carangids, barracudas, groups of impressive bumphead parrotfish, white tip sharks, tuna almost two meters long, humphead wrasse...


Sipadan '17 from Kenneth Tan


9. Sardine Run (South Africa)

The Sardine Run is a unique event in nature, one of the largest migrations on the planet that brings together some of the biggest predators on earth, from blue whales to dolphins, various species of sharks and seabirds, all of them ready to end with a gigantic ball of sardines. This show, perfectly visible from the air and that can be as big as 7 km long, 1.5 km wide and 30 meters deep, takes place from May to the end of June, when the little that remains of the school of sardines makes its way to the Indian Ocean.


It is a hard trip, suitable only for experts with several dives, which is done on dhingys chasing the school of sardines to where the cormorants, cetaceans and big fish mark the entry point. Yes, it is a hard trip, but few diving trips can gather that many huge predators.



10. Yucatán Peninsula (Mexico)

There are several reasons to dive in the Yucatan Peninsula during summer; first, it is low season so the accommodation is chepaer. In addition, from June to September is when hundreds of whale sharks arrive to Isla Mujeres and Holbox, with which you can snorkel. As if that were not enough, during summer is when loggerhead turtles arrive to spawn in Playa del Carmen and, finally, the lights of the Cenotes in summer are more intense, increasing the beauty of this unique diving in the whole world.




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