10 characteristics humans share with dolphins

Besides being mammals, humans and dolphins share many characteristics and behaviors that could explain the close relationship both species maintain.

1. We like cats

All those who have had cat know that they hate water almost as much as a vacuum cleaner and are not frienly with unknown people. Why is it then that cats allow a damp, squeeky creature caress them?

2. We can create new games

Off the coast of Hawaii there have been recorded several cases of humpback whales and bottlenose dolphins playing not very much delicate games: basically the whale lifts the dolphin with its nose and throws it on his back. Nothing different from what happens between siblings.

3. We are not afraid to ask for help

This video and the dolphin have become world famous and once again that behavior shows the intelligence of these animals, able to address some divers to ask, please, to free from the fishing net entangled in his body.

4. We are entrepreneurs

Dolphins make use of creativity to make a living. Using his tail fin to lift the silt from the bottom to trap their prey and eat them easily.

5. We help those who are lost

Getting between a huge school of fish when a sailfish is hunting is not a good idea. They are not only are the fastest fish in the ocean, they are a fish with a sword on their nose. This freediver was lost amidst the meal of the sailfish when a group of spotted dolphins surrounded him to prevent hime to be skewered.

6. We help other species in trouble

Besides humans, dolphins offer themselves to help other marine mammals, as this seal has not decided on the way forward.

7. We both really like humans, dolphins sometimes too

Dolphins don't have much sensitivity when it comes to flirting, almost as much as the whitetip sharks

8. We all make mistakes

Dolphins can sometimes get lost and end up stranded, but with a little help of their friends they get ahead

9. We like to go out for a walk

Dolphins like to jump over the water surface and some of them, like the spinner dolphin (Stenella longirostris) can spin 5 times in a row. No one knows exactly why some dolphins do this tricks, but is thought that jumping over the water surface allows them to see if there are birds flying over fish schools, or that it helps them deworming or that they use it to communicate with other dolphins.

10. We all like to call us by our name

Just like you like to be addressed by the name your parents gave you, dolphins who want to call another member of the group imitate the sound that dolphin makes to call him.

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