10 reasons for you to consider learning to dive

Learn to dive

Have you ever imagined yourself here?

1 You will share your space with an incredible amount of biodiversity

In the bottom of the sea you will find more creatures than you can find living free in dry land. You will share diving with tropical fishes, coral reefs, sharks, amazing plants like the posidonia or mammals that you have only seen in National Geographic programs. The first time you dive you will notice the enormous biodiversity you can find underwater. You will have the opportinity to discover a new universe and become an ocean explorer.

2 It is easier, safer and cheaper that you think

Diving is an easy and safe sport: if you can swim and breathe you can dive. Many people tend to think that diving is an extreme sport but, if practiced correctly, it is totally safe. Before being able to enter the water, you must have passed some easy theorical and practical tests that will give you the safety that you need. During your first dives you will be accompanied by your instructors whose main objective is that you enjoy the dive in a safe and controlled way. While you are learning to dive (or anytime if you wish) you can rent all the equipment that you need, so you should not need to make a big investment up front to learn to dive.



The peace that diving provides is not comparable to any other sport. Image by NOAA's National Ocean Service


3 You will find peace of mind

One of the most amazing feelings that diving provides is that of almost only listening to your own breathing in a world without gravity. Underwater the noises and stress of our daily lives disappear. As soon as you dive you will achieve maximum concentration, and only you, your buddy and the underwater life before you will exist. 

4 Diving has no barriers

You don't need to be specially strong nor a great athelete to practice diving. Disabled people can also access the underwater world just like anybody else. We can all enjoy the ingravity and watch the ocean go by.

5 You will make new friends

Scuba diving is a sport that you can not practice alone, and confidence and trust in your buddy is very important. When you go diving you will find yourself in a boat with seven extra people who want to share that beautiful world with you and who will usually offer kind advice and help. If you go on a cruise or liveaboard trip, you will share your living space and diving with 15 other people for days. Those groups share with you the same love for the underwater world. No matter how you are, where you come from or what you think, you will always have an interest to share with your fellow divers. You will always find someone to share the experience afterwards in front of a drink.


Diving experience

You will bring more than two or three friends from your diving trips. Image by Serge Melki


6 Diving expands your holiday horizons

When you learn to dive, you start planning vacations to places you didn't even imagine before. Over are the 15 day beach only trips. Each coast has usually docens of interesting places to dive so, besides soaking your feet you will have the opportunity to submerge in a sea you didn't know about, full with critters you didn't know they existed. If you plan a few mornings to dive in your holidays, they will stop being rutine and become an adverture.

7 The world doubles in size

Whenever you travel you will have two worlds to discover, the surface and what lies beneath. If you travel to Bali, besides the famous temples, the rice terraces and the balineses' smiles, you will be able to dive with manta rays, move among coral gardens and share space with colorful tropical fishes. If you like milenary cultures, Egypt has the piramids and the pharaoh palaces, but also the Red Sea, with amazing sunken ships, and large colorful coral reefs loaded with life. For divers, the world is twice as big.

8 You will defend 70% of the planet

As soon as you dive, you will fall in love with a new world which you will fight to protect. The peace that it provides will force you to defend the ocean, and you will want to share it with the rest of the people. Famous capitain Cousteau once said that you only protect what you love and that you only love what you know, and you will see that come true when you know of the underwater part of the planet.

9 You will become a priviliged human

If you learn to dive you will realize one of the human dreams: to be able to breath underwater and discover the treasures under the ocean. All divers share that feeling.

10 Your life will never be the same

As soon as you gear up and do your first dives, your life will be forever changed. Your love for nature will increase as will your respect for life. Your awareness to defend the environment will be stronger and your daily worries will decrease. When you learn to dive, your life will change for the better.



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