Ocean Views 2013, one of the most prestigious underwater photography contests

For those who do not know it yet, Ocean Views 2013 is one of the most prestigious underwater photography contest in the world.

Organized by the underwater photographers community Wetpixel and the photography magazine Alertdiver, hundreds of photographers have submitted more than 1,000 images to this contest with the most surprising images from the ocean: unicellular organisms, the largest fish and mammals planet of the planet, surprising animal behaviors, curious animals partnerships or incredible aerial images that document many of the threats that our planet currently faces. The images taken cover almost every corner of the planet, from the warm Pacific coral reefs into the icy waters of the Arctic and Antarctic, to the Red Sea or the Atlantic.

Here you have, by courtesy of wetpixel, the best nature pictures of Ocean Views 2013

Grand Prize: ©Keith Munroe. "New beginnings"

Keith Munroe. "*New beginnings*".


First Prize: ©Douglas David Seifert. "Dugong"



Second Prize: ©Todd Bretl. "Bob tail squid"

Bob tail squid


Third Prize: ©George Pellissier. "Minke"

minke whale


Fourth Prize: ©Steven Kovacs. "Goby and eggs"

Goby and eggs


Fifth Prize: ©Luis Miguel Cortes Lozano. "Twins"

Twins moray eels


Sixth Prize: ©Claudio Contreras. "Koob sealion in kelp forest"

Koob sealion in kelp forest


Seventh Prize: ©Joaquín Gutiérrez. "Silver"



Eight Prize: ©Francis Pérez. "Green sea turtles" 

Green sea turtles


Ninth Prize: ©Tobias Friedrich. "Iceberg noraw"

Iceberg noraw


Tenth Prize: ©Domenico Roscigno. "Shrimp nudibranch"

Shrimp nudibranch


Eleventh Prize: ©Doc White. "Blue whale krill"

Blue whale krill


Twelfth Prize: ©Cristian Dimitrius. "Baby frigate bird"

Baby frigate bird


Honorable mention: ©Francis Pérez

whale shark


Honorable mention: ©Dafna Bennun

beluga whale


Honorable mention: ©Francis Pérez

Francis Perez


Honorable mention: ©Linda Drake

polar bear


Honorable mention: ©Lucia Griggi

Lucia Griggi


Honorable mention: ©Uwe Schmolke

Uwe Schmolke

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